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Entrepreneur Program

About the
Entrepreneur Program

The NeuroDiverse Entrepreneur Program (NDEP) seeks to drive new business leadership opportunities for individuals with cognitive differences (autism, dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and other related diagnoses).


As research has shown, far from being a liability, NeuroDivergent thinkers offer valuable nonstandard perspectives to the business equation and have the capability of serving as key role models in inspiring future entrepreneurship among others with cognitive differences.


Our position is that different kinds of minds are essential to sparking new directions and innovations that can mean the difference between success and failure in cutting-edge industries. This idea has inspired the NDEP mission, which is to encourage cognitive diversity and inclusion in leadership teams across the business economy.


In short, we are committed to helping support and empower startups and small companies led by teams involving NeuroDiverse thinkers.

About the Program

NeuroDiversity Program Benefits.

Selected companies will receive approximately $12,000 in grants, mentorship, support and services. This includes:


A $5,000 microgrant
Membership and Support from a Neurodiverse Friendly Incubator/Accelerator 
Access to the Transition2Success (T2S) - NeuroDiverse Entrepreneur Support Model™ valued at $5,000

Program Benefits

What is NeuroDiversity?

Through the "NeuroDiversity" lens, many conditions we previously viewed as maladies or deficiencies, such as autism, ADHD, or dyslexia, are productively reframed as inherently normal aspects of the full spectrum of human mind types.

Some of our most important innovators and business leaders have been outspoken about their neurodiversity and how it has played a key role in driving their success. Can you imagine our world without iconic founders and innovators like Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines), Charles Schwab (Charles Schwab Corporation), Albert Einstein, Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA), Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX), Steve Jobs (Apple, Inc), and Temple Grandin? Neither can we.

Whis is NeuroDiversity?

I'm convinced that about half of what separates
successful entrepreneurs
from non-successful ones is pure perseverance!

- Steve Jobs -


Can I Apply?

The NeuroDiverse Entrepreneurship Program is open to both new and current companies from across multiple regions, in any industry, where neurodiversity plays a key role in leadership (CEO's, COO's, CIO's, CFO's, Directors, founders, or co-founders).

Can I Apply?
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